I want to kill some horny.

I want to flirt with the bottom lip bit.

Eyes fluttering inhalation,

To pull at the hips,

Snag my thumbs on the envelope lacy.

I want to run my tongue on teeth,

And into mouth

Descend complete;

To snuff a deeper urge,

To have skin on skin,

Breasts against my chest,

Heat against my heat

And caress press the wetness.

I want to suck and kiss,

And to be sucked

and be kissed.

I want to engulf the bliss,

And rasp ecstatic

yes! yes! yes!

I want to penetrate

the rock funk

like a metronome

in a tomb of flesh.

I want to cocoon

in the come down of cumming,

I want to pant on repeat to sleep

on the pillow of our shared relief;

Until the walls draw in on our bed,

And we fall deep, deep, deep,

Into the ashes of our urges

We killed with our bodies,

And then relive that sex,

In the wee hours of morning.

As the sun rises,

And the heart swells,

I want to weep, weep, weep,

and fall deep, deep, deep

Between the sheets

Of an inner spring lust



Heart beat, beat, beat.

Heart beat, beat, beat,

Heart beat,



Benjamin W Wild © 2011



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