We loved the same woman.
Everybody loved her,
but she didn’t always love back.
She loved him for a long time
– like a year or something-
but he was too possessive.
You shouldn’t stalk your own girlfriend,
it’s not polite and can lead to love decay.
He didn’t trust her though.
It’s hard to trust a fairy.I met her in the desert of all places.
Our eyes got married at once and I had to cut my heart from her nets to escape.
The other fellow was still ensnared at the time,
there was nothing I could for him.
Eventually she set him free,
but it was too late,
the prey had become the captor.
He broke her spell.
He made her dance for him.
He didn’t let her out of his sight.
He kept her to himself,
and he clipped her beautiful wings.

I knew none of this.
I was in another land,
trying to wash her off my skin.
A long time passed
– like a year or something-
then I saw her in my drink.
We fell in love too fast.
It was autumn.
She nested in my bed and was an altar to my love.
When the autumn was nearing its end I heard the road calling me-
I had to leave her, I had to answer the call.
The road is my master.
She followed me to the mountains,
and we died some more.
Then I headed west, to the bush, to my country, to my soul.
She got lost in the hills and sickness struck her down.
I did not know this,
I was drowning in the memory of her skin.
She died on her own.
I found her the next autumn,
and we danced,
but it was not the same.
She had another man.
This one also kept her in a box.

The road called me again, and I left.

More time passed-
like a year or something-
and I found her again.
We danced, but this time it hurt.
It hurt everyone.
So I cut my heart out of her nets one last time,
and I called the road.
The road answered,
and the road took me back.
The road always takes me back;

She is my master.

Benjamin W Wild © 2013 First appeared in ‘L’Allure des Mots’ Issue 10. http://www.lalluredesmots.com/issues/issue10/issue10.html#.UYDy3ZVRozZ


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