~ My greatest lies are still the truths nobody believed… ~

My greatest lies are still the truths nobody believed.
Most of my regrets are in the shape of a woman, and sound like clarinets.
One is a violin; the faster she plays, the windier it gets.
I haven’t made a wish since the last one came true,
And I don’t pray for anything but the end.
The last time I cried, or even remember crying, was in my sleep.
I keep my cards close, like all bad gamblers do.
My greatest success has been remaining lonely.
There’s a lot of work in it, but when I die I should cope rather well.
I haven’t been dancing since the twist,
But I sing in the shower as penance.
I could have been anything, but I chose this instead.
There’s fewer expectations on my part, and it’s debt free.
I so desperately wanted to master forgiveness when I was young,
But after a while I found no one did me wrong.
This is why I’m so fortunate, because I’ve learnt to avoid humanity and its tricks.
I’m a sucker for its trappings though.
It’s the human inside the animal that chooses the cage over the wild.
Did I tell you I’m in love?
Must have slipped my mind too.
I keep seeing the future.
It’s not bright.
It’s kind of irrelevant- like the skin of a pomegranate;
It just holds a thousand bloody pearls, and the promise
of forever.
Benjamin W Wild © 2012First published in L’Allure des Mots, 2013: Issue 9.

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