~ KALEIDOSCOPE ~ (with audio)

~ Kaleidoscope ~

After eating breakfast one morning a child said to their father,

 ‘Father, who made God?’

Father thought about this and said,

‘Um, well, God made God’,

To which the child asked,

‘Father, how did God make God?’

To which he said,

‘… go ask your mother’.

So the child went to their mother and said,

‘Mother, who made God?’

Mother thought about this and said,

‘I suppose God made God’.

To which the child repeated,

‘But how did God make God?’

‘It is not important child,

Now go outside and play’.

Child found a Moth in the sleeve of a coat and asked,

‘Who made God?’

‘You did’ said the Moth,

‘To teach yourself that there is only one source,

But you cannot look at it, for it is too bright,

But you see its reflection and are moved by it.

However, you created many artificial moons in an attempt to see the truth,

But you are made dizzy and weak by their passage.

So truly the way is from them and not toward.

If only you would be brave and find some comfort in the dark,

Then your eyes would adjust

And you would see that the truth is not revealed by lights.

Go now child, and play.’

A Dragonfly alighted on the child’s knee,

And the child asked,

‘Who made God?’

‘You did’, said the Dragonfly,

‘To teach yourself that there is no good or bad,

There is only true illusion and true intention,

And your heart’s intent turns the kaleidoscope of your mind

To show you what you want to see,

And what you choose to deny.

You have your images of the truth but they are illusion too.

You forget that the truth is a white light brought from nothing,

Which creates all colour and shadow

And you are but a teardrop pierced to create a rainbow,

And you think this rainbow to be a truth apart,

But it is just yourself.

Go now child, and play.’

The child came upon a Snake

Coiled at the base of a Great Tree,

And the child said,

‘Who made God?’

‘You did’ said the Snake,

‘For you are the result of your own fears

And I am simply where you choose to place them,

Though I taught you to doubt and question,

Not to fear and obey.

You have language but you fail to understand;

You have understanding but you cannot agree;

You have wisdom but think it to be somebody else’s;

You let ignorance be your master and not your teacher;

You fear death, which is the ultimate change due to nature;

And you forget that love is a journey, not a destination.

Indeed it was you who made God,

For all animals are atheists.

Now go child, and play’

The child looked up and saw an Owl

And said ‘Who made God?’

‘You did’ said the Owl,

‘And I care not to teach you what you still fail to see,

For you are deaf to your own voice, and blind to your own sight,

And you no longer sing thanks at dawn or dusk,

Nor when the skies deliver rain.

You made God to trick yourself into service and deny others of your duty.

You made God to worship your thumbs and sing praises to your piety.

You claim God gave you a sword and you paint the lie upon your shield.

You ask who made God but you do not ask who made you,

And so you plague the world with your questions of denial.

Go now child, and play’.

Bewildered, the child climbed the Great Tree,

Away from the Snake and the Owl.

Touching a branch the child quietly said,

‘Who made me?’

‘You did’ said the Great Tree.

‘To teach us that we are all weak and mortal.

That our lives are an intermission in truth;

That you are part of something that you want to celebrate with others,

And have others celebrate with you,

and share thanks for your beautiful pain.

For you have as many ways to celebrate yourself as I have branches,

And there are as many of you celebrating as I have had, and will have, leaves;

And you will forever flower, and you shall ever wilt.

Ever will you bear fruit, and ever shall you turn barren and die

As you run around trying to explain yourself;

But you need only stand still to know that we all exist together.

For you made yourself to imagine God,

But you are the very experience of God.

Take this flower child, and run home’.

So the child descended the Great Tree,

Ducked under the Owl,

Jumped over the Snake,

Broke past the Dragonfly,

Took off the Moths Coat,

And ran into the kitchen.

Mother and Father looked up from their lunch and said,

‘Well, did you find out who made God?’

‘You did’ said the child,

And carried her flower upstairs, triumphant.

Benjamin W Wild © 2014


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