The world on the telephone,

The world on the T.V.

The world in another car,

The world will never feel free.

The world smoking cigarettes,

Shooting speed barbiturates.

The world drinking battery acid,

Eating chicken phosphorescent.

The world starving infant stomach,

So to fatten epidemic.

World of cities,

Void of stars;

A war in name of motor cars.

A war in name of bitumen,

And hypocrites and greedy men.

A war in name of planes revenge,

For media to vote again.

A world at war in name of peace,

Yet war for peace will never cease.

‘Cos wars for war and rich tycoons,

And peace is peace as sea is moon.

The world of Multi-corporations,

Made up of United Nations.

This world of television papers

Internet and petrol stations.

This world of nature-

Part of me.

So sings nature when we’re free.

“Free of man. Free of man.

 Thank God Almighty,

We are free of man.”

Benjamin W Wild © 2004

(First published in Australian Institute of Poetry Anthology ‘Reflections’ 2004)


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