‘ALUC(i)NA- Selected Poetry, Prose, Haiku and Notes’

‘ALUC(i)NA’ (to hallucinate- spanish) was my first self published collection of poetry and prose. The book contains some 90 poems from 7 years of writing (2002-2008), as well as 46 haiku, and a ream of notes.
‘ALUC(i)NA’ was produced in order for me to emerge and then move on as a writer- I also wanted to showcase a chunk of writing and still let my development throughout the seven years show.
The collection was printed and launched in Melbourne in 2009. It was available from select book stores in Melbourne, but only a handful of copies now remain. They can be bought online for $20AUD each (postage excluded) by contacting the author via benwwild@hotmail.com
xamples of work from ‘ALUC(i)NA’ are cited at the end of each poem- other poems on this site are from my upcoming book ‘KALEIDOSCOPE’- which will fall from the tree when it has decided it’s ready for eating.
Pieces from my current rural writing vein of ‘Prose Cards’ will slowly feature on this site- or a secondary blog- as well as photography. It’s a slow work-in-progress kind of thing this, being an artist.

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