One day I’ll stop making excuses, and do the inexcusable.

One day I’ll give two shits, instead of giving a shit.

One day I’ll find enough compassion to enlighten the world in which I live, just enough to see the edges.

One day I’ll buy a horse; I can’t afford petrol.

One day I’ll grow up and find that my clothes have all but turned to ribbon from my yearning to grow into myself softly.

One day I’ll run for office and pour kerosene all over said office, and we can all vote as to who lights the match.

One day I’ll find you that button that I broke off your blouse when we wanted sex so bad that I broke your blouse.

One day I’ll sit a small child down and explain the world as it really is-

A sad play about fear and anger, that knows love only when it’s happy.

One day I’ll write a letter to my father and tell him that I already know how much he loves me, that I always knew-

And that it will only be hard to turn back into worm shit, when he’ll already be a tree again.

One day I’ll open my eyes and see that something has changed, and it won’t be the mirror.

One day I’ll have the strength to stop asking God for strength.

One day I’ll fall asleep and the moon will let me cup her in my bodhi-hands and blow on her like a dandelion.

One day I’ll cry, and my body will melt into the joy of emptiness.

One day I’ll say to myself-

‘Stop waiting for one day!
Stop writing down time.

Stop recording this fucking drama and taking notes for the heavenly bureaucrats to turn into their wine!’

One day I’ll be infamous, and dead rich.

One day I’ll give three shits if I’m dead rich and famous.

One day I’ll play golf, but pull up all the flags, and fill in all the holes, so I don’t have to try and play golf.

One day I’ll give up trying to explain things to people and let them figure it out.

One day I’ll fall in love, and it will hurt so much that giving it up will kill me.

One day I’ll have the urge to start a fight I cannot win.

One day I will breathe.

One day I will sit up straight.

One day I will remember that I am everything I always was,

Everything I always wanted to be,
Everything I tried not to be,
And everything I could not speak.

One day is enough.

One day is just enough to do so much.

One day, is enough.

Benjamin W Wild © 2006


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